Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decided to try out a hotel on the list last night. Got a good rate at the Springhill Suites by EWR with a coupon from www.roomsaver.com.

This hotel would be fine as a crash pad. Not really anything wrong but it is VERY noisy. I can understand the traffic and airplane noise-that's to be expected. BUT the hotel itself-sheesh, the A/C was really loud and you can hear everything-even rooms next door closing the curtains!

I had a connecting room (I HATE those) but they had nothing else-and I heard the people next door slamming the cabinets, fridge, microwave, etc for an hour.

Again, for a place to just sleep a night, and maybe park, it's fine, but again-be prepared for noise. Also there is nothing around for food-you'd have to go out or order in, and the wait on 4 places I called was over an hour and this was after 9 PM!

Be sure to have good directions and pay attention. I am up there often and KNOW where I am going-and I goofed. Also, be careful, there are HUGE potholes around the off/on ramps. Ouchies for the cars!

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