Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A few random updates

So just a few random updates while they're on my mind..

The shuttle from Cape Liberty to EWR is now in the $28 PP range, more in line with what the cruise lines charge...this change is at the direction of the cruise lines...seems that they were tired of losing money!

The parking garage is really nice and is $20 per  night for parking....

The hotels that WERE on GLIMCHER REALTY WAY are still there BUT the name of the road is now INTERNATIONAL BLVD so please keep that in mind...they're still the same, just on a new street!

The new terminal is really wonderful.  I was there in November when I was on Anthem of the Seas for 2 nights....still amazed at how fast things move.....and I will be there again in a couple weeks when I head out on Anthem's 3 night cruise to Canada...(it's a cruise to nowhere actually bit since technically CTNs are no longer legal, we'll be touching Canada though no guests will leave the ship!)

I tried the Hotel Indigo in Downtown Newark a couple weeks ago when I attended a concert at the Prudential Center.  It's fairly nice, a couple doors down from the Courtyard Downtown Newark...and s few blocks from the rail it is near a few places to eat.  HOWEVER, I would caution you that Newark is NJ's biggest city and the hotel is in an area that while not really bad, is a downtown, CITY locale.  I'ts in an old bank building and is sort of industrial is nice and I was comfortable staying there....BUT it's not for everyone.  If you'd be OK with staying in at night and not really being close to shops for forgotten items, and you're used to big cities, then you might want to take a look.  You could safely go to a few restaurants on foot (again, I would not suggest going out on foot at night...I was attending a Springsteen concert so that block was literally the safest place in NJ that night...LOL) and you may be able to save a few bucks...

I will post a review and photos later....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Recently returned from another great cruise from Cape Liberty.  Of course, I stayed over the night before.  I'd arranged to leave my car in the hotel parking lot for a small additional fee.

Wound up having the hotel call a car for me.  They arrived right on time and took me to the pier for $60 plus tip.  I even was able to get the driver to stop for a very small additional fee $5 plus a nice tip) to pick up a fellow cruiser at the light rail just opposite the entrance to Cape Liberty.

We were able to board early, and headed for food!  The new terminal makes it easy to get checked in and onto the ship rather than the old way of riding the shuttle.

No news on the new parking garage as yet.  I will say that there was a good amount of snow when we returned but the lot was fairly clear so aside from people having to clean off their cars, getting in and out of the lot wasn't horrible.

I still suggest staying near the pier if you're sailing in winter months.  I also recommend booking a post cruise hotel, as long as you can cancel the same day....especially if you're flying!  If EWR starts cancelling flights, hotels may fill up fast and you do NOT want to sleep in the airport..

Just food for thought!

Will write a full review on the Cruising Along section as soon as I can!

Happy sailing!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New terminal at Cape Liberty

Since so many people ask, here is a photo of the sign with transportation options available once you leave the new terminal.....

And a few shots of the terminal and drop off areas:

Inside the terminal

And yes...there is a's really nice to walk onto the ship right in the middle of the action!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Driving in to Cape Liberty

Many have asked about the road into Cape Liberty and driving past the "tent" in front of the terminal to drop off your bags and passengers.

Here are some photos.... Of course, this will likely change once the new terminal has been constructed, but for at least the next several months, this is how it works.

Sure, it's not the prettiest port in the world, but it's an hour from home, and well...I love it!!

The images below were taken after leaving the South Cove shopping center, so if you're coming from the NJ Turnpike extension, your view will be a LITTLE different...

 Coming off Route 440.  If you're coming from the NJ Turnpike, you'll be making a LEFT at the traffic light that's in the background of the image above.

 Driving in....

 It's a 2 mile road from 440 into the pier area...

 The road will curve around as well...

 Getting closer...

 One more big curve coming up....

At last...the drop off area...!!

Drop your bags (follow the directions of the porters who will also be directing traffic)

 Turn left...

 Follow the signs..

Turn left into the road to access the lot, between the buildings...

This is the entrance to the parking lot, you'll pay just inside the fence, before you park.

Walk to the terminal, or you can even catch the shuttle, but it's really not far...

And you're all set!!  Happy sailing!!

Another update on the new terminal

I was up at Cape Liberty again over the weekend and was surprised, and delighted to see that there had been some progress other than digging and foundations being poured!

There's still a LONG way to go, but at least there is SOME semblance of a building actually there!

Woo hoo... still skeptical that it will be done in time for Quantum, but maybe now things will move along more quickly!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quick update continues on the new pier for Quantum of the Seas....that ship will be in Cape Liberty for about 6 months, followed by Liberty of the Seas, also for 6 months, and Anthem of the Seas, for as long as Royal leaves her there..

An Embassy Suites opened on Glimcher Realty Way in Early 2014 and it's gorgeous!  Not your typical Embassy.  They do have a shuttle within a few miles, but NOT to the pier....rates are a little higher than other properties, but you get a full, hot breakfast cooked to order OR you can choose from the buffet items, plus a nightly manager's reception with light snacks.  ( I heard they actually have a light dinner, but I have not personally confirmed it so I would not say YES they do..)

Here are a couple pics of the port construction....the terminal is supposed to be done in time for the November arrival of Quantum, as is the parking deck....We'll see

I will try and update this space more often........

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Updates for Cape Liberty 411

Transportation options

Black Executive Cars- I have  used them several times…however, i am not sure if they're getting too big or if they're just swamped.  I have been happy with them, and others have....but some have not.....
Independent Driver LLC 888-816-0973, ext 0
Other CCers have used -can't be booked more than about 4-6 weeks ahead, no website
~~~***~~~ - not necessarily the cheapest option

 have used in the past…also good option

  973-622-5800 signature transportation - based at the EWR  Marriott...very helpful

If you need accessible vehicles:

they only handle people needing wheelchair accessible vehicles...very nice to deal with-also used in the past

HOTEL UPDATES - click the links for photos

The Sheraton is NOW a DOUBLETREE by Hilton.  took a tour, and it wasn't bad., and the parking lot seems safe, even though this hotel is near the Ramada.

The RAMADA might be a good budget option, but honestly I was not impressed and I thought the place smelled bad (stale food) and was really beaten up...and I am not sure I would park here.

My choice for a budget selection would be the Holiday Inn EWR as when I toured, it was in better shape with large rooms.  Parking lot seems safe as well.

A hotel near Secaucus/Meadowlands that would be a good choice is the Sheraton Meadowlands.  

I still prefer those hotels on Glimcher Realty Way....especially the Residence Inn, though I have no issue with the Country Inn nor the Courtyard.  Again, these hotels will be listed under ELIZABETH NJ and are near Jersey Gardens Mall, plus an iHOP and Ruby Tuesday (though that RT location is not all that great as Ruby Tuesdays go...)

I stayed at the Residence Inn prior to my last cruise on Explorer and was very happy.  As we were there mid week (Mon-Thurs usually) there was also an evening social hour with a meal...the night we were there was BBQ night, burgers, hot dogs, etc-no need to go out.....

If you're JUST taking the train to access NYC, etc, the Newark Penn Station Hilton is the only hotel in downtown Newark that we suggest.  It can be pricey but it's convenient.   I have not toured this hotel yet, nor have I stayed there, but I will try to see a room sometime.  They tend to sell out...

That's all for now....more will come.......just wanted to get a quick update done...