Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Info

About Liberty State Park in Jersey City.....

You can easily access Liberty State Park on the NJ side via PATH trains and shuttles...this may be an easier option than going into Manhattan.

About Statue of Liberty National Park :

Admission to the monuments is free. Parking at LSP may be $5.00. The ferry is not free...price information and suggestions for reservations can be found on the websites posted here!


Derrel said...

My family is thinking of going on the Explorer in Oct 2010 and we will all be flying from the west coast and was wondering what your suggestion would be as far as airport convenience along with a little sightseeing mixed in. We will probably come in a day or two early and do the NYC thing. Any thoughts you might have would be much appreciated. My E-Mail is if you rather e-mail me than talk through your blog.

Thank you,


mojitomeg said...

Derrel....sorry...didn;t see this right have mail!