Monday, December 8, 2008

So we stayed at the Spring Hill Suites November 20th before our 9 night Explorer cruise. The hotel was fine for a night. Several small things wrong with the room, but nothing major. It was clean and comfy. This is a newer SHS so our room only had one TV and was shaped a little funny. If you have been in other SHSs, there are usually 2 TVs and the bedroom area doesn't feel so squished.

Again, I stay almost exclusively in Marriott-branded hotels, so this was not my favorite type of SHS-BUT it was FINE! Really!

Be careful getting there though.....if you don't watch the signs and stay in the correct lane you will wind up going several miles out of the way!! I am FROM Jersey and I'm used to driving here!

Jersey Gardens diner was pretty good. Big menu, big portions and the prices aren't bad. Not 'cheap Jersey Diner' but not over the top. Desserts were a little dry, but all in all, the food was good. We will probably go back in February!

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