Thursday, February 12, 2015

Recently returned from another great cruise from Cape Liberty.  Of course, I stayed over the night before.  I'd arranged to leave my car in the hotel parking lot for a small additional fee.

Wound up having the hotel call a car for me.  They arrived right on time and took me to the pier for $60 plus tip.  I even was able to get the driver to stop for a very small additional fee $5 plus a nice tip) to pick up a fellow cruiser at the light rail just opposite the entrance to Cape Liberty.

We were able to board early, and headed for food!  The new terminal makes it easy to get checked in and onto the ship rather than the old way of riding the shuttle.

No news on the new parking garage as yet.  I will say that there was a good amount of snow when we returned but the lot was fairly clear so aside from people having to clean off their cars, getting in and out of the lot wasn't horrible.

I still suggest staying near the pier if you're sailing in winter months.  I also recommend booking a post cruise hotel, as long as you can cancel the same day....especially if you're flying!  If EWR starts cancelling flights, hotels may fill up fast and you do NOT want to sleep in the airport..

Just food for thought!

Will write a full review on the Cruising Along section as soon as I can!

Happy sailing!

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